Surgical Services

Atlas Animal Hospital Surgical Services ~ Your Pet's Safety is our #1 Concern

When you bring your pet to Atlas Animal Hospital, you can expect expert analysis and professional care. There are times when pets need more than just medication, or grooming, and for that reason we have surgical staff on duty to make sure that when something drastic is needed, they get the best possible care. The following are some of the things we provide.

The aforementioned surgeries are provided with expert veterinarian surgeons that have years of experience helping animal lovers with a variety of maladies that could arise. Much like humans, sometimes surgery is the only answer to repair, heal, and take care of certain issues that can manifest in the body. When you sense that there is something going awry, do not hesitate to call us at Atlas Animal Hospital, as we will take every measure to help your pet with surgery and more. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your pet is in good hands.

Atlas Animal Hospital Surgical Area