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Animal Pain Awareness Month

Animal Pain Awareness Month with our Vancouver Veterinarian

At Atlas Animal Hospital and Emergency Vancouver, our veterinarian and team diagnoses treats and helps manage many causes of pet pain. From arthritis to injuries and everything in between, we have the knowledge and resources to help your pet find relief from both chronic and acute pain. And with September being Animal Pain Awareness Month, there has never been a better time to “refresh” you on some of the most common signs of symptoms of a pet in pain.

What You Need to Know About Helping a Pet in Pain

The¬†International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management¬†uses the month of September to spread awareness of animal pain with Animal Pain Awareness Month. There are so many potential causes of pet pain, and since pets are unable to communicate with us easily, determining those sources can be challenging. Furthermore, many pets will automatically go into a “survival mode” of sorts when they’re in pain, so they may hide symptoms from their owners.

This is why it’s so important for pet owners to be on the lookout for less obvious signs of a pet in pain. One of the most common of these signs is that of a pet who suddenly becomes withdrawn or lethargic when he or she is normally energetic and social. Some pets may also show a lack of appetite or sudden change in appetite (such as eating or drinking a lot more than usual).

A pet that has difficulty getting around is also likely in pain, which could be caused by arthritis, an injury, aging, or any number of other conditions.

Time to Request an Appointment with our Vancouver Veterinarian

If your pet is showing any signs of being in pain or discomfort, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our Vancouver veterinarian right away. You can reach Atlas Animal Hospital and Emergency Vancouver by calling (604) 301-0300. Let us get to the bottom of your pet’s pain and treat it!

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