Pets, like children, need some extra help keeping themselves clean and healthy. That includes the cleanliness and health of their ears. If you’re unsure of what goes into cleaning your pet’s ears on a regular basis, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions about pet ear cleaning here at our Vancouver vet clinic,¬†Atlas Animal Hospital.

Why Do Pets’ Ears Require Cleaning?

Dust, pests, allergens, dander, and bacteria naturally find their ways into your pet’s ears because of the wide-open anatomy of the outer ear structures. The main danger presented by these foreign bodies is infection, which can cause severe pain and hearing loss.

What Kinds of Infections Are Pets’ Ears Prone to Developing?

Bacterial and yeast infections are the biggest potential threats to a dog’s ears. For cats, the most worrying danger is ear mites. Nearly 50 percent of all ear infections in cats start when these tiny pests invade the ears.

Are Some Pets at Special Risk for Developing Ear Infections?

Certain breeds with excessively long, floppy ears (Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, for example), may have more trouble with ear hygiene and ear infections simply because moisture and dirt may accumulate within the ear flaps.

What Methods Should I Use to Clean My Pet’s Ears?

Using a veterinarian-approved ear cleaning solution, hold the ear flap up and gently (without touching the applicator to your pet’s ear) add enough solution to fill the ear canal. Gently wipe the ear with a cotton ball and then let your pet¬†shake his ears clean. Do not use a Q-tip or similar applicator.

How Often Should I Clean My Pet’s Ears?

Different pets may need ear cleaning more or less frequently, and some pets may need it rarely. Our vet can advise you on the healthiest routine for your individual pet.

When Should I Avoid Cleaning My Pet’s Ears at Home?

Avoid cleaning your pet’s ears if you notice ear redness, discharge, head tilting, or other signs of an ear infection in progress. Bring your pet to our veterinary clinic for evaluation and treatment instead.

How Can Your Vancouver Veterinarian Keep My Pet’s Ears Healthy?

Our Vancouver veterinarian can check and clean your pet’s periodically during preventative wellness exams, while also attending to any ear conditions that may come up. We can also educate you on the best practices for cleaning and protecting your pet’s ears all year round.

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