If you own a dog or cat, you undoubtedly have wondered if their nails require special treatment to keep them healthy and at a proper length. A dog or cat’s nails can be trimmed at home, or by our veterinarian atĀ Atlas Animal Hospital and Emergency Vancouver in Vancouver, BC. Here are some frequently asked questions about nail trimming and how our veterinary team can help.

Why is it Important to Cut a Pet’s Nails?

If your pet’s nails are not cut, they will curl as they grow. This will lead to your pet having difficulty walking, as the nails will be positioned on the undersides of their paws. If the nails grow to extreme lengths, they could puncture the pads or even your pet’s skin. Since this can cause an infection, it is best to keep up with routine nail clipping sessions to keep your dog or cat as healthy as possible. In addition, a pet with long nails makes clicking sounds as they walk and can damage flooring.

How Often Should a Pet’s Nails Be Cut?

As a rule, it is best to cut your dog or cat’s nails at least once every month. Since the quick portion of the nails grows along with the nail itself, waiting too long for a clipping will make it more difficult to cut the ends of the nails without cutting the quick portion as well. Since this is painful for a pet, it is best to contact our veterinarian to conduct a nail cutting if the quick has grown to an excessive level. Keeping up with monthly clippings will ensure you are able to cut each of your pet’s nails easily and effectively.

What Does Our Vet Do During an Appointment?

When you bring your pet to our veterinarian for an appointment for a nail clipping, they will first conduct an exam to ensure your dog or cat is in the best of health. If there is a medical difficulty discovered, they will provide appropriate treatment as necessary. When it comes to the grooming portion of the appointment, our veterinarian will use special clippers to remove excess nail without causing your pet pain or discomfort in the process. Our vet will teach you how to clip your pet’s nails on your own if you choose to undertake the task in the future.

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