Senior Pet Wellness

Senior pets often struggle with chronic health issues that affect their hearts, lungs, and joints. With special care, however, they can continue to live quality lives. At Atlas Animal Hospital & Emergency in Vancouver, we offer senior pet care services that can improve your pet’s health and wellness as he enters this stage of his life. Here’s what you should know about senior pet care.

Senior Stage of Life

Your pet may be considered “senior” by the age of 7. That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that he will develop health problems at that age. Some pets are still quite healthy and active past 10 years of age. Your pet’s breed, lifestyle, and overall care all play a role in his longevity and health.

Many vets consider pets “senior” when they reach the age where they show signs of declining physical or mental health. As your pet’s health begins to decline, he’s more susceptible to medical conditions like cancer, heart or kidney disease, arthritis, liver disease, and other health issues.

At this stage of life, your pet needs extra care to boost his health and protect him from disease. This includes nutritious food, regular exercise (within his capabilities), a safe, clean environment in which to live, and routine veterinary care to monitor your pet’s health. Quality veterinary care throughout your pet’s life could set the stage for healthier (and happier) golden years.

Preventive Care in the Senior Years

Preventative care in your pet’s senior years may look something like this:

Semi-annual Wellness Exams – Your Vancouver veterinarian will give your pet a comprehensive nose to tail physical exam to confirm he’s in good health. If problems are uncovered, we’ll conduct diagnostic tests to confirm your pet’s condition, so we can recommend appropriate treatment.

Routine Dental Care – Your senior pet’s oral health will have a direct effect on his physical health. Routine dental exams and cleanings can minimize dental issues to avoid lengthy treatments that can be taxing for your pet.

Vaccinations – Your senior pet will continue to need vaccinations to protect him against life threatening diseases. We’ll tailor your pet’s vaccination schedule to suit his healthcare needs.

Parasite Control – We’ll recommend parasite medications to keep your senior pet free of ticks, fleas, and heartworm year round.

Nutritional Counseling – As your pet ages, he may need changes in his diet to increase protein intake and decrease calories. Through nutritional counseling, you can make wise dietary decisions that will benefit your pet’s health and fitness in his golden years.

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