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Why You Should Your Dog have Regular Teeth Cleanings

Pets are an important member of your family. When you visit your dentist, you want to ensure your dog gets the same professional care. At Atlas Animal Hospital & Emergency Vancouver, we specialize in animal wellness, as your dog’s oral health will determine his overall state of well-being.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Your Canine Dog’s Teeth Cleaned in Vancouver?

Regular teeth cleaning can lead to early detection of gum disease. Many gum and teeth diseases can be prevented with regular exams. Your dog’s teeth say a lot about his health. Our Vancouver vet takes pride in providing quality services for dogs, cats and other animals in and around the Vancouver animal hospital area. Regular teeth cleaning can:

  • Improve your pet’s breath
  • Prevent health problems
  • Reduce gum disease
  • Eliminate plaque buildup

However, in between dental cleanings at your Vancouver vet, your dog still needs to maintain healthy teeth. Therefore, we can help you reduce plaque and tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth. If your dog has never visited the vet before for a dental checkup or cleaning, you can familiarize your pet by following a few simple instructions. The idea is to get your pet used to having clean, healthy teeth, by introducing the art of teeth brushing.

How to Properly Brush Your Canine Teeth

While it is customary for children to brush their teeth, your pet needs the same type of care. You need to get your dog used to brush, by gently massaging his gums from time to time. After you feel your dog is acceptable to your touch without any resistance, you can introduce toothpaste. Do this by applying a small amount on your fingers and massages the gums as usual. After this point, you can slowly introduce a toothbrush.

Keep Your Pets Dental Care Up-To-Date at Atlas Animal Hospital & Emergency Vancouver

If your dog is experiencing a dental emergency visit your local Vancouver vet at 5696 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W, 2Z4, Canada, or give your Vancouver animal hospital a call at (604) 201-0300. Your dog’s teeth are too important to ignore. We treat your pet like part of our family.

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