Pets We Provide Services For

  • Dogs & Puppies
  • Cats & Kittens
  • Senior Pets

When it comes to helping your pets get better, it’s important to bring them in whenever you suspect something is going awry. You’ll find that by simply searching on the Internet, you can get thousands of listings of what your pet might have. In most cases the online sessions that you spend looking for problems with your beloved animal will only yield panic and anxiety within you. It’s best to leave the professional care and medical attention to our experts.

Here at Atlas Animal Hospital our goal is to help people worry a little less by making sure that their pets are not only healthy, but are going to be fine in the future. We have the best equipment, technology, and a staff of highly trained veterinarians that will help you rest easy.

Among some of the services that we provide, we can help the following animals with relative ease.

We pride ourselves on helping people with pets get a little peace of mind in regards to the issues that could arise. Whether your friend needs surgery, grooming, or you just want to bring them in for their annual check up, you will find that they are in good hands with us at Atlas Animal Hospital.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (604) 301-0300 with any questions, as we are here to help you.