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Medical Services

Our animal hospital in Vancouver can provide the care your cat or dog needs,

Pet Care Services

At Atlas Animal Hospital a Emergency Vancouver, our team is proud to be among

Diagnostic & Surgical Services

An annual check up is a good idea to keep your pet healthy throughout

Pet Health

When it comes to helping your pets get better, it’s important to bring them in


As a pet parent, you know that when your pet requires a procedure, you


Euthanasia is something most people would rather not think about,

Laser Therapy

The word laser is actually an acronym that stands for light amplification of


Digital images, including ultrasounds, radiographs, MRIs and CT scans are


When your pet needs surgery, you need to find a practice that can


Ultrasound is a tool that emits sound waves in order to see things inside your

Wellness Care/Checkups

When your pet gets their annual wellness checkup, here’s what you can expect.