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Atlas Diagnostic & Surgical Service

Pet Physical Exams

An annual check up is a good idea to keep your pet healthy throughout their years- This can also help with diagnosing whether or not something is developing that needs to be taken care of. We make sure to look at several different signs with every animal to ensure that everything is 0k, and if there is a potential risk, we will advise you.

Digital X-Rays

When there is a break, or there is something wrong with the body of an animal, we can diagnose it with digital x-ray technology. This machinery requires a special kind of care that is not always offered by veterinarians, but we have made steps to get this available to those that might be hutting on the inside.

Pet Fecal Analysis

Whether your pet has worms, or is straining when going to the bathroom, the fecal analysis that we conduct can find a variety of issues fast. Getting a sample and testing it is crucial to figuring out certain ailments that aren't always visible to the naked eye.

Pet Ultrasound

When there is a malady in the tissues or a pet is pregnant, the ultrasound service we offer can peer into the layers to see where the affected area is located

Blood Lab Tests

Sometimes the maladies don't showcase a lot of symptoms, but with a quick blood test, several things can be found about a pet- Drawing blood for testing is done with painless procedures and testing is done fast with attention to detail If there is something going on with the body, the blood test should reveal it, when other tests fail to do so.

Pet Urine Analysis

The urine of an animal can denote a variety of medical issues if something is going awry- Getting a urine sample tested in our lab can be helpful in the diagnosing a variety of issues.

Pet Endoscopy

With a small camera, we can look inside your pet in a way that is very intimate. It is accurate, and will not cause your pet much stress. This procedure will shed light on a variety of issues that might be lurking inside the body that would otherwise be ignored.

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