Emergency Veterinary

Emergency Vet Near Me

At Atlas Animal Hospital a Emergency Vancouver, our Vancouver animal hospital is committed to helping your pet in his or her time of need. In addition to our
routine veterinary care offered, our 24 hour vet is also able to provide emergency and urgent care any time, day or night. We hope your pet will never need to
utilize our services, but if the need arises, you can rest assured that your is in good hands here.

Common Emergencies Handled By Our Vancouver Emergency Vet

Our Vancouver emergency vet has experience in handling and treating any number of common pet medical emergencies. One of the more common emergencies we see in our office is accidental ingestion of toxins, poisons, or foreign objects. This can include anything from toxic plants in cats (like the lily plant) or even
antifreeze. If your pet ingests a foreign object, such as a sock (common in dogs), we can also provide the necessary treatment to check for and remove blockages.

Injuries related to animal fights or even being struck by a vehicle are also seen and treated in our office. Some of these common injuries include major lacerations with bleeding, broken bones, fractures, and the like.

What to Do if Your Pet Experiences a Medical Emergency

If your pet experiences a medical emergency, it’s important to act as quickly as possible. After all, minutes and even seconds can make all the difference in an emergency situation. If your pet shows any signs of a medical emergency, including difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, or seizures, we recommend that you see our Vancouver veterinarian as soon as possible.

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can always rest assured that we’re here during your pet’s time of need. We only ask that, if possible, you give our office a call when you’re on your way in with your pet. This will allow us the time to prepare and make sure that our Vancouver veterinarian can be available and ready to assist you as soon as possible when you come in.

From there, we can administer the treatment that could be the difference between life and death; meanwhile, we will keep you as informed and educated as possible.

Give us a Call!

If you have any questions about our veterinary emergency services, we invite you to give us a call any time.