Why You Need to Have Your Pet's Teeth Cleaned and Examined

You might not realize how important it is for health and wellness purposes to have your pet’s teeth cleaned and examined on a regular basis — once a year for most dogs and cats, and even more frequently for pets with particular dental problems (and geriatric animals). But dental conditions can sneak up on a pet overtime, doing significant damage along the way. Periodontal disease, for instance, starts with tartar buildup on the teeth, which attracts bacteria that trigger inflammatory reactions in the gum tissue. This inflammation can actually cause your dog or cat to lose his teeth. Damaged teeth may also allow bacteria to enter the pulp chamber, infecting the tooth, jawbone, and possibly even threatening other teeth. Oral cancer may not reveal itself to pet owners until this deadly disease is already well advanced. These and other issues can be nipped in the bud through preventative dental care,

Teeth Cleaning, Dental Checkups and Other Care From Our Veterinarian in Vancouver

Our veterinarian in Vancouver performs teeth cleaning under anesthesia. This not only prevents injury to your pet (and us!), but it also keeps your pet calm and
gives us time to remove tartar above and below the gum line. X-rays and other evaluations can alert us to damage, infections, or oral cancers that need to be treated. If a problem is found, we can then administer treatment as early as possible. Treatment options may range from antibiotics to tame an infection to surgical tooth extraction or tumor removal.

We’re also happy to counsel you on ways you can help your pet maintain a healthy mouth all year round. Our veterinarian in Vancouver can teach how to brush your dog or cat’s teeth, recommend anti-tartar foods or chew toys, and help you recognize the telltale signs of dental problems that might require immediate attention.

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