ltchy Skin & Ear Infection

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If your pet scratches constantly, it could be a sign of serious skin problem or allergy condition. Similarly, chronic ear infections may be a sign of structural problem in the ear, excessive wax buildup, or an allergic response. At Atlas Animal Hospital a Emergency in Vancouver, BC, we provide diagnosis and treatment of itchy skin and ear infections.

Symptoms of Skin Problems

Skin problems can manifest with a wide range of symptoms. There may be bumps, pimples, lesions, or simple redness and irritation. Your pet may lick at the affected skin or even chew at the area. The skin may become so inflamed that secondary bacterial infections occur.

Symptoms of Ear Infection

Head shaking is a common sign of an ear infection. Your pet may scratch the affected ear, which can cause damage inside the earflap- The inside of the ear may
look reddened and swollen- Your pet may be reluctant to let you touch the ear, because of the discomfort.

Treatment of Itchy Skin & Ear Infections in Pets

Your veterinarian will give your pet a complete examination to determine any conditions that might be contributing to the problem. Careful examination of the skin can often reveal signs of infection, mites, insect bites, or other issues. Sometimes, itchy skin and recurring ear infections occur together as a result of allergic reactions. In these cases, your veterinarian will also treat the underlying allergy that is causing the problems. Allergy tests or tissue samples may be necessary to determine the cause of your pet's symptoms.

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