If your beloved pet is scratching, rolling around in grass, and you can tell that there’s an issue, give us a call.

At Atlas Animal Hospital We can help get rid of fleas, ticks, and other bad things that can cause excessive scratching, biting, and itching.

When you bring in your pet to Atlas Animal Hospital we take every measure to care of them, no matter what the issue is. One of the common problems found in pets is dealing with flea and tick control. This problem can cause havoc for even indoor pets. If you find that there are signs of infection of pets in your home, make sure that you give us a call to get a specialized program of healing that will help ensure that they are free and clear of the issue. Often times you’ll see the signs develop and get worse over time.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand how your pet could end up getting fleas and ticks. There are several different ways that this can happen, and limiting this can help maintain a healthy life moving forward. The most common way that pets develop these issues is by getting in contact with stray animals. Even if they seem friendly, it’s important to watch out for this, because strays often times carry diseases and pests. If you have a pet that loves going outside and having fun, be careful as to where they are walking and sifting through. If they are in tall grasses, shrubs, bushes, and different areas that could potentially have a great deal of insects, than you will have to keep an eye on them afterwards as they could exhibit the signs of infection.

For those that are noticing something is awry with their pet, make sure to look out for the signs that the problem is pests. You’ll often times see hair loss as a major indication that something is going wrong with them. After that, you’ll see constant scratching, biting, and skin spots where they have completely irritated to the lower levels of the dermal cells. Scratches, marks, and scabs can end up forming on the skin and be completely visible to the naked eye. If you see any of these things, it’s important that you call us to get a full medical examination.

One thing that you can do in the interim is give your pet a flea bath with medicated shampoos. This can help a little bit, but it will not solve the interior problem. These pests can end up in the intestinal lining and cause issues with the digestive tract and even could end up forming worms. These parasites need to be taken care of immediately after the initial signs are seen.

Every pet requires examination to see how to move forward with proper medication and care. Destroying these pests can be done but it requires medical attention to get done properly. At home, if they are indoor only pets, the issue could be a matter of intensive cleaning. Make sure to vacuum and sweep up eggs to ensure that they are not getting eaten.

If you have any questions or you’re not sure what your pet is dealing with, it’s imperative that you give Atlas Animal Hospital a call. By simply giving us a call we can determine what your course of action should be. When in doubt, schedule an appointment and we would be more than happy to help you with getting rid of these pests on your pet.

Finding out what’s bothering your pet is our #1 concern, that is why we are the number one choice of vets in Vancouver.

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