Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery at Atlas Animal Hospital & Emergency Vancouver

Your pet may have a significantly different shape and anatomy than the human members of your family, but you might be surprised at just how many similarities remain — including afflictions and injuries of the bones and joints. Just as humans sometimes require surgery to correct these issues, pets sometimes benefit from orthopedic surgery. Our team at Atlas Animal Hospital & Emergency Vancouver can provide these advanced services to help your pet overcome his difficulties and enjoy the optimal function.

When Do Pets Need Orthopedic Surgery?

A variety of problems can negatively affect bone and joint structure. Sometimes the trouble stems from a traumatic accident that causes sudden, acute damage, such as a fractured leg bone or ruptured knee ligament. While simple fractures can often heal themselves with the aid ofa splint or cast, complex fractures (in which the bone ends have shifted out of position) need surgical intervention. A ruptured CCL (the equivalent of the ACL in the human knee joint) typically calls for surgery.


Orthopedic conditions can also be chronic in nature. Degenerative disc disease, for instance, is a natural process in which the vertebral discs collapse and create spinal joint pain. Osteoarthritis is another common age-related condition that leads to chronic pain and stiffness due to cartilage deterioration. Last but not least, hip dysplasia is frequently seen in certain breeds of dogs. This inherited trait worsens with age until the hip joint becomes painfully unstable. All three of these conditions might give us good reason to recommend orthopedic surgery if they’re not responding well to medication, lifestyle changes and/or nutritional

A Variety of Pet Surgery Procedures

Our veterinary team is skilled in a number of pet surgery procedures, including many types of orthopedic surgery. We can administer surgical treatments such as:

  •  Fracture repair— The bone ends in a fracture are brought back together and fixes with pins or screws, permitting the fracture to heal normally.
  • Knee surgery — We can repair knees hobbled by ruptured ligaments. Smaller, lighter animals may receive artificial ligaments made of suture, while larger pets
    may receive surgery to change the shape of the bones in the joint.
  • Arthritis surgery— Arthritic joints can be fused to eliminate bone-on-bone friction.
  • Dysplasia surgery — We can replace a damaged hip joint or simply remove the ball of the joint, allowing scar tissue to form and take its place.

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