There’s nothing quite as heart wrenching than knowing your pet is lost. We, at Atlas Animal Hospital can help with identification services that will help you keep peace of mind if they get loose or lost.

GPS: Almost every dog or cat owner is familiar with the anxiety experienced when their beloved pet goes missing. Until now one could either get in the car and go looking or helplessly wait at home. Now, advanced GPS and wireless technologies have come to the rescue. Atlas Animal Hospital offers advanced pet tracking device that let’s you know where your pet is at all times. These can be put in collars or on tags.

Pet Monitor systems: Allows you to locate your pet using a patented combination of satellite and radio signals. It’s an easy to use – no extra assembly required – system that consists of an adjustable collar for your pet, and a handheld receiver that monitors your pet’s movements and will guide you to it if desired. Ready straight from the box with batteries and a charger, this piece of equipment will give you peace of mind.

Tattoos: Tattooing is a permanent ID that involves marking a ID code, usually on the belly or inside of a leg on dogs, or the ear of any pet. This is sometimes done under anesthesia while the pet is already under for another procedure, otherwise a sedative and numbing agent are used.

USB: Waterproof USB Drives can be clipped on to the collar of your pet and all of your information is there for anyone to plug in and help you find your beloved pet.

Microchips: Each microchip contains an electromagnetic transponder and is given a unique code that is registered with a recovery program. A scanner is needed to read the codes. The microchip is injected under the skin near the neck and between the shoulders. You register your pet’s information into an online database and any vet or pound, or shelter can find out who you are in a matter of minutes.