Pet ear Infection

Ear Mites in Cats

The ears of animals are very sensitive and are prone to issues and infections just like humans are. At Atlas Animal Hospital we offer a full array of services to help get your pet's ears free and clear of any infections that they could get. We can help diagnose and cure the issue. Finding out what's bothering your pet is our #1 concern, that is why we are the number one choice of vets in Vancouver.
The most common ear infections in cats are ear mites which account for more than fifty percent of cat ear infections. Ear mites are annoying, microscopic creatures that live in cats' ears, causing a good deal of irritation. Infected cats may scratch their ears excessively or shake their heads frequently- If you notice your cat showing these symptoms, follow the steps below to get rid of the ear mites.

Bacterial Ear infections

Bacteria Ear In ectlons can occur in your cat's ear an can cause ot in ectionan otitis. Many i erent types o acteria are capa eo in ectingt e ear o t e cat. Bacterial infections are likely to be secondary to another cause in most cats though.

Yeast Ear and Fungal Ear Infection

Yeast Ear infections can also occur in your cat’s ears. Malassezia is the most commonly seen yeast infection and, like bacterial infections, yeast infections are
most often secondary to another underlying cause.


Fungal Ear infections can affect your cat’s ears also, causing ear infections and inflammation.

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