Puppy Training

There’s nothing quite as fun as a puppy in the family, except when they exhibit bad behavior We at Atlas Animal Hospital offer full training services so that they will obey commands, and keep from destroying the home.

In the wild puppies would naturally receive their formal and ongoing training education from their mothers, other ‘litter mates’, as well as many elders in the pack When you take on the responsibility of a new puppy or dog, you also take on that responsibility of that creature’s education. Without their mother or members of the pack, they look to you, their owner, to show them the right and wrong, and to educate them in the ways of the world.

The first thing you need to know is that as a pack animal, your new puppy or dog will need a leader That has to be you, and you will need to be consistent Dogs
view inconsistency as a sign that the pack leader is losing his or her ability to lead and that a leadership challenge should be launched
Education starts from the first day you bring your new puppy home. Your puppy has left a structured environment where it knew its place in the pecking order. It
needs to learn the rules of the new environment. You must show that you are the leader and now it must listen to you-
A puppy’s mind is like the wind blowing in all different directions at one time. A puppy will see something and run off to investigate, only to be distracted by
something else that takes its interest A leaf will move and it is off again. Good leaders remain calm under these conditions

Guidelines for housing your puppy:


  • Close of all interior doors
  • Pick up all children’s toys
  • Move all precious and breakable items
  • Block off access to carpeted or restricted areas
  • Supply your puppy with its own toys
  • Crate train and confine your puppies free space with a playpen
  • Fence off gardens and shrubs
  • 100% outside dogs do not do well.
  • Ensure adult members of the family communicate and train in consistent ways.

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